2017 Round-Up

Three posts in a year! I really must stop spending all my time on this blog.

Nowhere Fast, of which I co-wrote two episodes, aired on RTE 2 from November to December this year and went down really well. It was very encouraging to see great comedy talent like Alison Spittle being given a proper chance to shine on the national broadcaster. Those of you in Ireland can still catch the last few episodes of the series on the RTE Player now. 

I wrote a short Rip to the Rescue! which was funded by Kildare County Council this year. Despite a hurricane hitting the country in the middle of the shoot Paudie Baggott managed to direct the hell out of it and the film will be hitting festivals in mid-2018. Our three cast members - Ryan Stanger, Rose Henderson & Clare Monnelly - were fantastic and I'm really happy with how it's shaping up.  

I started to contribute sketches to Oliver Callan's radio show Callan's Kicks at the end of the year. Sketches of mine featured on the last six episodes of the year. All available on podcast now. I don't normally lean towards political stuff so it's been fun to get into something different.

Myself and Edwin Sammon continue to roll out the Reviewables podcast on a weekly basis. This year has seen the format evolve and we've had some great guests on throughout the year including Ardal O'Hanlon and Cool Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. You can subscribe to Reviewables on Apple Podcasts  or Android by clicking the relevant links in this sentence. 

The episode I wrote of the possibly-now-deceased Red Rock airs on TV3 in January I'm led to believe. I'll tweet about it when I know for sure.

Finally - development continues on Burning Wishes - the series I created with Deadpan Pictures. In early 2018 myself and Vincent Gallagher will be working some more on it. Hopefully there'll be good news to report on that further on down the line.

Happy Christmas.